Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Baby Grice Thrice

I'm just going to put this out there- we Grice's march to the beat of our own drum. We go against the grain. We do what we want. I am so thankful that Casey and I take the same angle when it comes to pregnancies. He lets me sleep and eat when I need to, I'm a nicer person when I'm pregnant, and we don't find out what the baby is until its born. Everything else is just water under the bridge right?

With pregnancy #3, we decided early on that we wanted to do it a little differently this go round. We took it to the next level  We kept a secret for 4 months from everyone. So watch this video of our gender reveal and be ready to #getonourlevel to close out your 2016.

If you loved our gender reveal, please share! I feel like we might be onto something...

Monday, December 19, 2016

Amazing Grice, How Sweet the Sound...

Well here we are! 2016 coming to an end and all the hope and sparkle of 2017 waiting at our fingertips. Who knows what this year will hold? Where we will be at the end of 2017? Will there be memes about how this year ripped us up and spit us out? More great SNL parodies of our fearless political leaders? Or will we kick back with a Coke and a smile, soaking up all the goodness that came out that year?

I am trying to do that for 2016, looking back at all that this year held. I went new places, made amazing new friends, embraced adventures and messes. My oldest lost his first tooth, started big kid school. My youngest was potty trained and became my little sidekick. We prayed and decided our family wasn't whole without baby Grice #3. I feel my husband and I are in a great rhythm in our marriage, and I watched his passion grow in him. My niece was saved & we got to watch her baptized in the mighty waves. My sister welcomed a new little bundle into her family. My baby brother popped the question to his high school sweetheart. So much good came out of this past year.

There was also a lot of indifference, in myself. I took a pregnant pause this past summer and fall- both literally and figuratively. There were days where I cleaned my house and made dinner. But most days I did only what I had to do and filled the rest of my time being still. Watching my boys play, reading books, watching all 10 seasons of the Office, snuggling whenever anyone asked. Just being. And y'all, I needed that.

It wasn't that our life was in a bad season, in fact things were very good. However, there was a lot of going through the motions. Doing what we had to do to get to the things we wanted to do. By the time we got there, we were so tired it was hard to enjoy it. Taking that pause helped me realize that we were not thriving, just surviving. What kind of life is that? Taking pictures only to rush to the next event. Grabbing a meal in the car so we can scurry over to do whatever it is that we were doing that day.

I feel like the month of December has been full of all the moments that make life worth remembering. My kids singing Christmas carols at the top of their lungs with all the words wrong- but being filled with joy. Hearing my boys squeal with delight at the fact that they made their own bed- and seeing their faces full of pride. Laughing with my husband at all the wrong moments because we can- and seeing that sparkle in his eye. This month has been the refreshing breath I needed. Its also been a time for fresh starts. This is my new beginning.

I am leaving my first love, The Hot Mom Checking In. I have decided that in today's world, what it means to be a hot mom is in fact nothing that describes me. AND I am so very thankful for that. I am looking forward to sharing with y'all like I always have, just under a new, more accurate web address. I will bring all those beloved posts here, so if you're new you'll be able to catch up. More than all that, I need to share my story. There's someone out there that needs to hear it and my indifference can't get in the way anymore. I'm grabbing 2017 by the tail and holding on for dear life. This is our year friends- no fear, no laziness, not too much craziness, just amazing joy, endless adventure and embracing the strength that only the Good Lord could give us.

So here's to 2017- embracing the mess, missing phone calls, dancing in the rain, falling down and getting back up, loving, eating, praying, sleeping (sometimes), birthing babies, adventures, learning, laughing, loving but most of all, living.